The Crown Release!

Hey guys!

I’m very, very excited because today is the release day for The Crown!! I just finished re-reading The Heir and I think I liked it better the second time around, actually. I thought Eadlyn was a total brat when I first read it, but now I understand her character a lot more.

Let’s talk about the cover.

I think it’s the worst cover in the series (on the left). I was hoping for a gold cover, like this one a fan made (on the right):

I think it’s so much prettier than the actual cover. Notice how the photoshop is done well? The girl on the front of the official one look uncomfortable and the proportions are all wrong. Believe me, I study fashion and I know my proportions. The dress looks wayyyy too big for her body. The top  makes it look like she stuffed her boobs! What do you guys think? Do you think the fanmade one is better than the official, too?

The day the cover was revealed I wrote this on Goodreads:

“Haven’t actually read it yet BUT THIS COVER IS SO BAD. What the HELL did they do to it? I can do photoshop better than this… I’m hoping they change it because I’m disgusted….”

My hatred has gone down, but I am still really disappointed by it.

If you are one of the lucky ones who got an arc off of NetGalley, please don’t leave any spoilers about who she ends up with in the comments! I want to be surprised. Personally, I think she should choose Eikko (Erik) or maybe Kile, but I think it would be too obvious. So I’m gonna say I’m rooting for Eikko. I also think Henri is adorable, but I don’t think he and Eadlyn could work out as a couple. Who do you want Eadlyn to end up with?

I’m going to go read now! I’ll probably have finished it by the morning, lol. 



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19 thoughts on “The Crown Release!

  1. I read the first three books and stopped. I had no desire to continue on with the series. But I completely agree about the cover. The fan made cover is gorgeous and the real cover is terribly photoshopped.

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    1. The 4th book isn’t nearly as good as the first three and I really miss America’s point of view.
      I wish they could’ve used the fan-made cover instead of the purple one 😦


  2. I think the horrible cover was a strategic advertisement plan. I believe Keira Cass got tired of trying to dissuade her zealous fans and so she persuaded the publisher to create a cover that would effectively stop fans from asking for more. A horrible decision in my opinion. Keira could have at least continued to reap the benefits and still acquired new dedicated fans who would continue to expand her career.

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    1. I never thought about it that way, but I can definitely see that happening. The cover is so horrible, it must’ve been planned that way. I just finished reading the book and I am going to predict now that fans are going to want her to continue the series with Josie and someone.

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  3. I would like her to end up with Henri, but obviously we all know that seems quite impossible. 😀

    I agree about the cover though, the dress seems like a frame that is too big for the girl and I love the fanmade one!

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  4. I got it yesterday! But it’s much shorter than Kiera’s other books but I’m still excited to read it. I also love that gold cover! I’m terrible with photoshop so these people must work miracles! I am a little disappointed at Eadlyn’s choices because the choice is so hard, many of them are great guys but I can’t seem to ship them with her, I’ve gone ship blind. But I hope to read it soon!

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    1. I finished it today! I won’t give away the ending, don’t worry! I learned a little bit of Photoshop last year and I’m pretty good, but not good enough to make that gold cover!

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  5. I bought it yesterday, but I haven’t started it yet! I’m hoping she ends up with Kile, but I’m not sure…I’m almost scared to read it! The fanmade cover is absolutely gorgeous!

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