Review Policy

My blog is dedicated to mainly YA books, but I will also accept select Adult books for reviews. You can email me at

I accept print ARCs, finished copies, and eBooks (on kindle only.) I do not accept audiobooks. For books in a series, I may request the previous books if they haven’t already been read.

Genres of books that I accept:




-Horror, Paranormal


Select Nonfiction & Memoirs



do not accept any of the following genres:

-Historical Fiction


-Free-Verse Novels

-Religious Fiction



When reviewing books, I include details about:

-What I enjoyed about the book

-What bothered me about the book

-Star rating

-Author’s name and publisher

-Favorite characters

-Quotes (unless it’s an ARC or unfinished copy)


Star Ratings:

★: I did not like the book at all

★★: I didn’t like the book, but I’ve read worse

★★★: I liked it, but a few things bothered me

★★★1/2: I liked the book (average rating)

★★★★: I really liked the book but it wasn’t perfect

★★★★★: This is one of my favorite books!



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