Tips for Getting ARCs

How to get ARCs

One of thing that lured me to become a book blogger was this: advanced readers copies, or ARCs. Who doesn’t want free books before they’re published? I wouldn’t sign up for anything sites other than NetGalley, Edelweiss, and Blogging for Books until you’ve been blogging for 6 months and have a good following, because there’s a small chance they’ll give you a print ARC.


Format: eARCs (downloadable to your kindle, tablet, phone, or computer)

Edelweiss: This is pretty much the same as Net Galley, expect it is more confusing to use. They have a lot of tutorials though here.

Format: eARCs

Blogging for Books: This site doesn’t have nearly as many books as Net Galley or Edelweiss and books go out quickly, but it’s good to be signed up for still.

Format: Print

Goodreads Giveaways: I’ve never actually won a Goodreads giveaway

Format: Print

Penguin Teen: I’m waiting until my blog becomes a little bigger before I sign up for this one (generally bigger blogs are put at priority to smaller blogs) but they have a ton of YA ARCs.

Format: Print

Book Expos: Places like NYCC and BookCon are great places to get your hands on ARCs. Lots of publishers there will give them away.

Format: Print

What to do before signing up:

  • Have a review policy on your blog. Here is mine that you can use as an example or template.
  • Have a twitter set up for your blog. Penguin Teen requires for you to have a twitter before signing up. Here is my blog’s twitter.
  • Have reviews already posted on your blog so that publishers can see them and how you write reviews. Remember not to be disrespectful towards the author, but honest. Don’t pretend to like books just because you got it as an ARC!

Remember: Getting ARCs is mainly luck and blog statistics. If you are a smaller book and you’re requesting an ARC, it’s really just luck to whether you get it or not. I’ve had the same publisher turn me down and then provide me with an ARC. It really depends on if they have enough copies or not. Bigger blogs are always but first, though.

Read this post for even more info about getting ARCs.

I hope this has helped!

xx, Sophie



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