Book Crack: Top Most Addicting Series

  1. The Selection, Keira Cass

I read the first Selection book the year of its release, in 2012. I had convinced my mom to take me to Barnes and Noble while we were visiting my Grandad, saw the pretty cover, and ultimately ended up buying it. Lots of late nights were spent reading this book; I pretended that I couldn’t fall asleep just so I could read more. I eventually ended up getting my sister hooked on it, along with lots of friends. When The One came out, I drove to the bookstore after school and fought with my sister over who could read it first (I won.) Obviously, I’m team Maxon for life. With the release of The Heir, I was excited, but ultimately the book did not impress me like the others did. I will be reading The Crown so I can see how Eadlyn, America, and Maxon’s stories end, but I despise the cover (way, way, way too photo shopped.) I had the wonderful experience of meeting Keira last May, and she’s just the sweetest!

  1. Pretty Little Liars, Sara Shepard

This is one of the most overdone, dramatic series I have read. Although it may not be well-written and the storylines just went berserk, I read every single book in this series. Yes, that includes the prequel and the holiday collection. I flew through the books, easily finishing one in under an hour, making them such an addicting series. I hated the first book, as I reviewed on GoodReads, but kept reading because I had the books. Just a warning to any potential readers: every single book in this series has the exact same structure. Pretty much every book focused around a potential “A” suspect and a party at the end where shit goes down. But I can’t deny that I was addicted to these books, which is why they made this list. The Lying Game (by the same author) is also extremely addicting.

  1. The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer

This series is in my top favorite books. Cinder was always on display at the library, but I never through about picking it up. I remember getting a little bored in the beginning of the first book, but then, within the 150-page range, I feel in love. Immediately after I finished it, I ran to the library and picked up the 2nd and 3rd books, Scarlet and Cress. These books are exciting and addicting and very well written. I remember last year when I was reading the 3rd book, my friend got so pissed off at me because I read it through lunch. I could not put it down. Honestly, do yourself a favor and go read it right now if you haven’t already. I finished reading the final book, Winter, a few weeks ago. These books are just so fucking amazing.

  1. Firebird series by Claudia Grey

I’m currently reading the second book in the Firebird saga, Ten Thousand Skies Above You. First off, this series has the prettiest book covers I’ve ever seen. Honestly, this book is prettier than me. Second, the story is amazing. It’s something I’ve never seen in YA lit. It follows a girl jumping through alternate dimensions and universes, trying to track down an organization who has stolen the device used for au-jumping and

  1. Burn for Burn, Jenny Han & Sihobian Vivian

The first book in the series, Burn for Burn, actually wasn’t very addicting in my opinion. I didn’t even like it that much. I decided to buy the second book anyways, though, because it ended in a cliff-hanger and I wanted to know what happened. Fire with Fire is one of my favorite books. Everything that was wrong with the first book is fixed in the second, making it an interesting and exciting book that I didn’t want to put down. There were so many plot twists, cliff hangers, surprise endings. WARNING: do NOT read the blurb for the third book until you have finished the second book. I made this mistake while adding it to my GoodReads shelf. It pretty much gives away the whole shock-factor of the ending of the second book. If you’re looking for a series with lots of drama and revenge, these are the books for you.


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