Cover Wars: I’ll Give You the Sun

Hey Wishers!

Today I’m starting off a new feature to my blog: Cover Wars! Basically for this I’m going to choose a book and find all the different covers worldwide. Then I will compare the covers and decide which I think is the best. I will also be creating polls, so you can vote for your favorite cover!

For the first ever Cover Wars I chose I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. I love this book so much, everything about it is stunning! Jandy Nelson’s writing is extraordinary. One of my favorite book covers also happens to belong to this book.

English (hardcover)


I adore this cover, it’s a 10/10 for me!

English (paperback)


This cover is absolutely gorgeous, too. I think the quote really represents the book. 9/10

English (paperback #2)


I don’t like this cover nearly as much as the other paperback edition. 5/10



Well this is…interesting. I don’t think it captures the theme of the book like some of the others do. It makes it look like a summer contemporary. 2/10



I love this cover so much! It’s a different take on the original cover, and I like that the lines look like little raindrops. It reminds me of the cover for First and Then by Emma Mills. 10/10



While this is not my favorite cover, I like that it has art on it because that is such a big part of the book. It’s very different from the other covers, and I like that. 7/10



Eh. It’s pretty average. Based on the cover alone, I would not be interested in this book. 3/10



This is one of my least favorite of the bunch. I prefer book covers without actual people’s faces on them, and I know quite a few others who agree. What I do like about this is that the background is painted. 2/10



This is just weird. I think it’s supposed to look like a modern sun or something…? I don’t get it. 2/10



Well. I don’t think this has any relevance to the book whatsoever. 2/10

And the Winner is….

English and Portuguese!


What cover did you vote for? Let me know in the comments!



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