Hey guys!!

The title of this post (my first of 2017) is in all caps because I have a super exciting announcement! I’m posting my second book, STAY WITH ME, online!!

I found this old manuscript a few weeks ago and feel in love with it– so much that I wanted to rewrite it. But because I’m in the middle of another book, I’ve decided to publish a chapter weekly online. That way I can spend time on both books and stay motivated to finish this new one.

I wrote a book on Wattpad a few years ago and was really surprised by the amount of useful feedback I received, which is why I decided to publish STW through there. This book has a super special place in my heart so I hope you all love it as much as I do! Right now I only have two chapters up, but I’ll be posting a new chapter every Friday. Next Friday’s is one of my favorites of the entire book, so stay tuned for that.


Cover! (designed by me)


One Party Changes Everything.

Welcome to Hillsdale High, where gossip is more valuable than gold and rumors run rampant. Simone Everett, avid listener of other people’s conversations, believes she knows everyone at her school. There’s Angeline, the controlling party girl whose biggest accomplishment in life is her Instagram feed; Zach Wagner, all around douche-bag and suspected drug dealer.

And then there’s Connor O’Connor.

A chance encounter proves he might be more than the slacker with a stupid name that she thought he was.

But falling for Connor doesn’t change the fact that Simone’s Violet, her closest friend, hasn’t been seen since the party, where they had a falling out. The police suspect something happened that night–something more than what Simone is telling them.

From drive-in movie theaters to diners at 1 am to high school bathrooms littered with graffiti, Stay With Me will sweep you up and captivate you until it’s heartbreaking finale.

Video Announcement:

If you do check it out, make sure to let me know what you think! If you have a book on Wattpad let me know in the comments! 🙂



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