I’m Joining BookTube!

Hey guys!

This is the week of exciting announcements, because GUESS WHAT? I’ve decided to expand Book Wish to Youtube!

I’ve watched Booktube for a while now, probably since middle school, and that’s how I was originally introduced to the book community. I think the first booktuber I ever watched was abookuptopia, and I still follow her today.

Although I love blogging & will continue to do it, I’m excited to try something new! I’ve already filmed a few videos, so they’ll be uploaded within the next week. I’ve always wanted to start a booktube channel, and now that I have the free time to film and blog, I’m finally going to start. Wooo!

I just uploaded my first video- just a channel teaser with some clips from my last book photo shoot. I’ll post my first video where I actually talk about books (a huge book haul) tomorrow. So stay tuned and subscribe!

Do any of you guys booktube? What do you think of booktube? If you have a channel, leave me a link in the comments!



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7 thoughts on “I’m Joining BookTube!

  1. Heyyyy, good for you and good luck on BookTube! Do you have any special plans for your channel, a particular vibe or anything like that? I WISH I had time to watch Booktubers but have a hard enough time keeping up with all the fabulous bookworms on WordPress and Goodreads.


  2. Congrats & good luck with your booktube channel! I don’t have my own, but I LOVE watching booktubers. Also, your teaser vieo (and puppers, of course!!) is super cute! 😀 Can’t wait to see what else you upload.

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  3. Good luck with your channel!!♡ I tried to start a channel, I actually posted a video but I deleted it because I hated the quality! I have tried to try again but I haven’t. I hope to definitly try again in 2017!!😊

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