Heartless Tour + Meeting Marissa Meyer

Hey guys!

I am so sorry for the lack of posting. I suck, I know. But I’m back now with a new post about the release of my FAVORITE book of 2016: Heartless by Marissa Meyer.

I have been waiting for this book for SO LONG, and I’m so thankful it lived up to my mega-high expectations. I’m currently writing a review, but it’s really hard to put my love for this book into words. Just read it, seriously.

img_1344I arrived at the Barnes and Noble where the event was held at 8 AM, just an hour before the store opened. There was a group of four girls waiting outside who arrived at 7:45. I talked to them for a while, read a little of my book, and the hour passed by pretty quickly. A few more people came to wait, but not as many as I thought would.

I got my wristband and book, then headed home. There was no need to wait at the store for 10 hours to secure my front row seat because I had a wristband. An employee told me seating would start at 5 so I returned at 4 just to be safe.

I ended up getting a front row seat, and read/socialized until things started happening at 7. A huge Heartless poster was set up behind the desk on
img_1358 stage. Then, at 7, Marissa came out. By then, all of the seats had been taken up. Marissa first pitched us Heartless, giving us a quick summary introducing Cath, the main character. Then, she brought up the narrator of the Heartless and Lunar Chronicles audiobooks, Rebecca Soler. You can hear an excerpt of the Heartless audiobook here, and she was absolutely fabulous in person. Next up, Marissa asked for six volunteers from the audience. I didn’t volunteer, but one of the girls that I had talked to while waiting that morning did. They went up in two groups of three, and Marissa had them each pick a card from her hand. On each card was a challenge of sorts, because in the book there is this scene where there is a mad hatter tea party, and each guest has to perform some type of special talent. One girl had to sing a img_1350nursery rhyme while balancing a book on her head, etc. It was really funny and different from other author events I had been to.

Next up was the Q and A, where we got to learn all about Marissa’s upcoming projects, her dream fancast of Captain Thorne (Sam Claflin), and her advice for aspiring writers (my question, as always).

Last was the signing, and I was the third person in line. I got to tell Marissa how much I adored Heartless and TLC, and how I had been waiting for it ever since she talked about it during a Google Hangout in 2013. She was so sweet.

I had so much fun on the Heartless tour, and I totally recommend this book to all of you lovely people.

Have you read Heartless or The Lunar Chronicles? Have you met Marissa Meyer? Let me know in the comments!



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17 thoughts on “Heartless Tour + Meeting Marissa Meyer

    1. I wasn’t finished, computer. I cannot wait for the book to come my way very soon! The tour looked fun. I haven’t read TLC but I am planning on doing a February month in honor of TLC. Cannot wait! 🙂

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  1. That book cover though! Ah I love it so much.
    I haven’t read Heartless yet, I have to be honest I tried Cinder and wasn’t that much of a fan but Cyborgs and things aren’t my cup of tea but Heartless sounds more like it for me! I liked Melissa’s writing style though 🙂

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