Book Writing #1

Hey guys!

I’m starting a new series where I do writing updates, discussions, and more. I’ve seen this done on Booktube (polandbananasbooks does these a lot) and I figured it would be fun to do on my blog.

Tomorrow begins the first day of writing the first draft of my book. I created a Pacemaker Planner where I set my word goal and it gives me an amount of words I have to write every day to stay on that goal. My goal is to finish the first draft by my birthday on November 12th.

I’m taking a writing class every Saturday from September 17th-November 17th, which matches perfectly in sync with my goal for finishing this draft.

My book is a YA Thriller, and I’ve only told two people the actual plot but once I finish the first draft I might reveal it on here.

I plan on making it a duology (two books) and I want to start writing the 1st draft of the sequel about two to three weeks after November 12th, hoping to finish it by Valentine’s Day 2017. I’m going to edit Book 1 on the side until I finish the second first draft. Once both are complete, I’m going to be majorly editing and rewriting for the next few months.

Last week I was at camp, and even though my overall experience there was less than great, I woke up one day with total inspiration for my novel. I had already written a loose outline before leaving for camp, but I’ve changed so many aspects of it now. I never understood when writers said that they got writer’s block because something along the way was wrong for the characters until now. A huge aspect of the plot didn’t fit, and now that I’ve eliminated it I can see a clear path for the end of the book.

Earlier this summer I was writing a completely different novel for Camp Nanowrimo. 60 pages in, I gave up because I didn’t feel connected to the story anymore. This is not going to happen with my new novel; I am 100% determined to finish it.

Are any of you writers as well? Let me know in the comments!



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10 thoughts on “Book Writing #1

  1. I haven’t announced it yet, but I’m actually starting to write a trilogy, but because of exams and stuff happening, I’m planning to release the first book in about a years time, probably 31 Aug 2017. Mines YA Dystopian

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      1. Thanks 🙂 I’m not sure when yet though, or if it will be published by anyone or self-published. My blog posts should be able to keep you updated though after I announce it though if you’d like!

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    1. Thanks! I hope writing posts and updates like this will help me stay motivated! I’m really determined to finish the first draft which is always the hardest part for me. Good luck with your writing as well!

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