My Unscripted Life Review

My Unscripted Life by Lauren Morrill


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Star Rating:★★★.5 out of 5

“I may not have a best friend, and my future may still be in question, but I may have just solved the summer-plans problem.”


This was a cute book about a girl named Dee who gets to be a personal assistant on the set of a movie. She’s thrilled when she’s offered the job because her best friend is leaving for the summer and she got rejected from her dream art program. She finds out that her middle-school celebrity crush, Milo Ritter. Milo is a famous teenage pop star, and this is first ever movie role. The two


My favorite part about this was that you got to see a lot about what it’s like on the set of a movie. I feel like with most YA books about celebrities, the MC is a celebrity, and not the person doing the behind the scenes work. This offered an interesting perspective that I really enjoyed reading about.


The romance between Milo and Dee seemed very rushed. I couldn’t feel a connection between them, and I wished that the book was more focused on what it’s like working on a movie set than on the romance. They never defined their relationship until the end, but they become really jealous when the other was hanging out with someone else. Frankly, it was annoying.


To describe this book in a few words, I would say cute, dramatic, and funIt’s extremely unrealistic, but it makes for a good fluffly book. I read it in about an hour and half, so it’s a very quick read.

Perfect for fans of:

The Secrets of My Hollywood Life series by Jen Calonita. In that book, the main character is a tv star who dates a regular high school boy. My Unscripted Life is the opposite, a Hollywood outsider dating an A-lister.



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