The Pokemon Go Book Tag

Hey Wishers!

Oh look it’s Sophie doing yet another book tag! Yep, I’m catching on book tags right now and I can’t think of how to end the review I’m working on, soo…

Today I’m doing a book tag that was created by Read At Midnight about Pokemon Go (in case you couldn’t tell from the title of this post). I’m so excited that Icebreaker694 tagged me for this because I love Pokemon Go! Thanks girl! You guys should all check out her amazing blog.

Let’s get into the questions!


Well, I can’t remember the book that started my love for reading because that was years and years ago, but the book that got me into YA was Variant by Robison Wells.



I don’t read a lot of classics, but my favorite is probably To Kill a Mockingbird. I think it had a great story and important message. I enjoyed the unit we did about it in English class two years ago a lot.



All of Cassandra Clare’s books. I tried to read The Mortal Instruments years ago, but I DNF’d it. There’s so much hype surrounding her books and I don’t think I’ll read any books by her anytime soon.



The Selection is one of my favorite series but, like so many YA books, there’s a love triangle. I love it anyways and I was very pleased with who she ended up with. 😉



I recently started the Harry Potter series and it’s so amazing! If any of you are putting off reading HP because of the size, don’t! The size definitely intimidated me, but I read the entire Pretty Little Liars series last year (18-something books).



In all honesty, books and movies do not scare me. None of them kept me up at night, but I think Gillian Flynn writes the best thrillers. My favorite is Sharp Objects. It was so twisty and disturbing.



There are so many I could choose from for this but….Cress and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles are currently at the top. Also Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy!



I’ve never talked about this book on my blog and it’s one of my favorites: Vanished by Meg Cabot. I got this series at a bookstore on vacation a few years ago and read it in a day. The edition I own is a republished version, and this series was originally called 1-800-Where-R-UVanished #1 contains the first and second books of the series, and the second book contains the third and fourth. Anyways, this series was totally fire hot and fast paced.


Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I loved VA and the spinoff series Bloodlines. I would love a new series in this world, omg.



I’m gonna respond with Vampire Academy again because this series sounds like it would be so cheesy but it’s totally not! I’m re-reading this right now and it’s bringing back so many memories.


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas is very hyped, but I’m still super excited to read it. I’ll probably start it next week when I finish my two current reads.



I’m so in love with this Harry Potter box set. It’s $70 and I’m so tempted to buy it. *heart eyes emoji*



How to Break a Boy by Laure Devore. This is a 2017 debut and I saw a post about the cover reveal for it a few weeks ago. The cover is gorgeous, and the synopsis reminds me of Winning by Laura Deloza a little bit, which I finished a few weeks ago.



Lauren Oliver! All of her books are amazing and I am totally going to preorder the UK version of Replica even though I already have an ARC because look!


It’s beautiful.


Heartless by Marissa Meyer. Dude I’ve been waiting for this since she started talking about it in 2013! I know I’ve talked about this a million times on my blog, but ahhhhhhh.


I’m tagging anyone who plays Pokemon Go for this tag!

Do you play Pokemon Go? Do you agree with any of my answers? Are you going to a Harry Potter & The Cursed Child midnight release party tonight? 

Let me know in the comments 🙂



15 thoughts on “The Pokemon Go Book Tag

  1. Oh goodness. 1-800-Where-Are-You takes me back (far enough that I didn’t know there were new editions…). I haven’t thought about those books in ages, though they’re totally still on the shelf at my parents house. You’ve made me want to go back and read them again 🙂

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  2. I’ve felt the same way about The Mortal Instruments for a while too. I’m determined to give it another go for the Pokemon reading challenge though.

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