Would You Rather? – Morgan Matson Edition

Hey Wishers!

Today I’m doing a tag that was created by readbyzoe on Youtube. Zoe is one of my favorite booktubers and Morgan Matson is one of my favorite writers, so I’m very excited to do this tag! I say tag, but it’s really more of a game.

A few weeks ago Kat Reads A Lot did this on her blog and I saw and loved it. You all need to check out her blog and amazing (!!!) photography. She inspired me to do this post.

Watch the original video below!

Now on to the questions!


1. Go on a road trip with AMY or ROGER?

Roger! While he’s not my favorite Morgan Matson boy, I would love to play twenty questions with him. I love Amy, but not show tunes (sorry!).


I love pizza and ice cream, but I have to go with Paradise Ice Cream. My favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies & Cream, so I would love to get them from there.

3. Never READ again or never WRITE again?

WHAAATT? How is this even a QUESTION?? I have to go with reading, even though I love writing so much. I could never, ever give up my books.


Main character! Even though I know most people like the funny sidekick over the protagonist, I would like to have a book or movie based on my life.


I want to go skinny dipping sometime before I die, so I’m agreeing with Morgan on this one! What if the stranger has a girlfriend? (That last question is very relevant to my current work in progress, lol.)

6. Have your favorite Morgan Matson book become a MUSICAL or MOVIE?

Ahhh, I would love to see Since You’ve Been Gone or The Unexpected Everything as a movie! I can already picture them, and I think that they would both work really well. I personally can’t see any of her books as musicals.

7. Be best friends with Palmer, Toby, or Bri?

Definitely Toby! She’s hilarious and I love all of the emojis that she uses. Besides being funny, she would be a really good person to share secrets with and talk to.

8. Be, Room With, or Cliff: ANDIE, EMILY, or AMY?

Be: Emliy! I would love to do the list and go running with Frank Porter.

Room With: Andie! She’s very organized so I think she would always have the room clean, lol.

Cliff: Amy! She’s so sweet, but my least favorite of the girls.

9. Marry, Kiss, or Cliff: CLARK, FRANK, or ROGER?

Marry: Clark! He’s so adorable and nerdy, I love him so much.

Kiss: Frank! I love Frank, too, and it was really hard to decide whether to Marry or Kiss him and Clark.

Cliff: Roger! Sorry, Roger, but you were nowhere near the adorableness of Clark and Frank. Amy and Roger is my least favorite Morgan Matson book (I haven’t yet read Second Chance Summer).

Have you read any Morgan Maston? If so, what is your favorite book by her? My favorites are Since You’ve Been Gone & The Unexpected Everything! 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Morgan Matson Edition

  1. Such a fun book tag! I definitely need to read more Morgan Matson books, I’ve recently read Since You’ve Been Gone, and it was such a heart-warming and fun summer read, that I really need more!

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