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Hey Wishers!

I’m currently sitting in bed, sunburned like hell. While I may be in extreme pain, I also have a good amount of time to write some blog posts. Johnathan Fisher created his own book tag, and tagged me for it! It’s called the Books With a Purpose Tag. Thanks for tagging me, Johnathan!!


  1. Mention the person who tagged you in your post and provide a link to their blog
  2. Fill out the 9 questions in the tag
  3. For each question, insert a gif of how you feel about the book(s) or author.
  4. Tag 5 people and/or everyone to do this tag!
  5. Before you post the tag, do a five-second party dance. Cause you dat awesome!

Sadly, because my legs are super burned, I am not able to do a five-second dance party right now. But as soon as the medicine kicks in, I will! 😀

QUESTIONS (and answers):

1. Best Story Premise?

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige has the best story premise (and it was executed well, too). It’s about what happens after The Wizard of Oz, when a new girl is swept up by a tornado and sent to Oz. Her mission? Kill Dorothy, whose become an evil, crazy dictator.


Me at the Dorothy Must Die premise:


2.  Best World Building? (Besides Tolkien😉 )

Marissa Meyer!! The Lunar Chronicles has one of the coolest sci-fi worlds I’ve ever read and she is such a good storyteller. The way she manages to weave fairytales and science fiction together makes her books stand out.

My reaction to The Lunar Chronicles world:


3. Best Character?

I am so in love with David Stark from Rebel Belle. I am such a sucker for the arrogant-asshole-with-a-soft-side characters.

David Stark’s got me like:


4. Best Series?

The Selection by Kiera Cass is one of my favorite series ever! Everything about the books is perfect and amazing and asdjfhklasdjhf;lkajsd;lkfj…I love these books.


When sometime asks me about The Selection:


5. Best Tear Jerker? (Aka the John Green award)

I recently read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and I was A FREAKING MESS afterwards. Seriously, my floor was covered in tissues.

This was me finishing Me Before You:

6. Best Author?

How can I choose just one?! I think it’s a tie between Lauren Oliver and Marissa Meyer! I just did a whole list of my favorite authors, but these two are probably the two at the top. I’ve loved every book that I’ve read by them!

Me talking about their books:


7. Best Writing Style?

I recently read Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw and I LOVE Anna’s writing! She’s so freaking hilarious. If you’re looking for a funny book to read, Scarlett is perfect for you! Anna also writes for magazines like Cosmo and Elle (x) and everyone should watch this fake dating profile video she made if you want to laugh.

Anna’s writing has me like:


8. Best Cover? (You don’t have to own it)

I’m currently in love with the cover of The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. I own a copy of this book and it’s currently displaying (showing the cover) on my bookshelf, because I am that in love with it. Take a look:


This cover’s got me like:


9. Best Ending?

The ending for Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn was SO UNEXPECTED. I love books with plot twists at the end that change everything you think you knew, and Sharp Objects hit the nail on the head with that.

It had me like:


I’m tagging Icebreaker694The Lily Note PadGenie ReadsThe Book Crunch, and Teen Book Lit 101! Anyone interested is welcome to do this tag, though!

Do you agree with any of my answers? Let me know! 🙂



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12 thoughts on “Books With a Purpose Tag

  1. I totally agree with the Unexpected Everything being the best cover. I love most of Morgan Matson’s covers. They’re all so unique and summer-y

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  2. This looked like such a fun tag! I loved the gifs! I still haven’t read the lunar chronicles or the selection series so I guess I should get around to that 😿 also if you liked David Stark, you should see Oscar in I’ll give you the sun, he definitely gave me some heartache!

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