Meeting Morgan Matson!

Hey guys!

A few days ago I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Morgan Matson! Since You’ve Been Gone is one of my favorite books ever and I have been waiting forever for her newest release, The Unexpected Everything! Take a look at the stunning cover below:


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Q&A, Raffle, and Reading

My friend and I arrived to the bookstore at 5:15 (it was set to start at 6), and it’s good we got there when we did and grabbed our front row seats, because people quickly started coming in after us. The room was packed by the time Morgan came out, and quite a few people didn’t have seats.

Morgan started off by reading a little bit from TUE, and talking about how she got the inspiration for the book (it includes twitter going down and cafes). Next was the Q&A section, where I got to ask two questions. I was the second person to ask a question, and I asked if she included any cameos from the other books in TUE. She’s done this in the past (see the full list here) and she told us that all the books are connected to a made up town, Stanwich, Conneticut, in some way. Some characters from Since You’ve Been Gone apparently pop up in TUE! Another funny thing I learned last night was that the girls on the cover of Since You’ve Been Gone are wearing Morgan’s actual clothes! Morgan has such a cool style, and her dress at the event was gorgeous! I would’ve never expected that, and I think it’s the coolest thing ever. Then there was the raffle. The three prizes were a black tee shirt, a pink tee shirt, and a cd with a playlist she had made.

Surprise Guests

There were not one, but two surprise guests!

See that pug on the cover of the book? His name’s Vladmir and he’s a dog model. He is just as adorable in person!

Morgan was so excited to meet Vlad!

The second guest was none other than Jenny Han! Jenny and Morgan are my two favorite YA contemporary writers, and I’m so happy I got to meet them both!! Who else is freaking out about Lara Jean #3?!?!

(Notice all the books I’m carrying to get signed by Morgan, lol)





I was really worried she wouldn’t be able to sign all my books because of how many people were there, but she did and I am so thankful for that. I brought Since You’ve Been Gone, Second Chance Summer, the Broken Hearts and Other Things series (that she wrote under Katie Finn), and I bought The Unexpected Everything at the bookstore. My friend and I had to wait on line for a while (obviously worth it) because I wanted to get my picture taken with Jenny Han.

Morgan is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She took the time to talk to me and my friend, give me writing advice, sign all seven of my books, and take a polaroid with me. I have been to soooo many rushed meet and greets with people I look up to, so I really, really appreciated that she spent time talking to me. I told her how I had made a list with my friend (who was with me at the signing) last summer. She thought that was awesome and told me to tweet her a picture of it! She had a polaroid camera to take pictures with everyone, which I thought was so cool and unique. I actually have the same camera is yellow. There were also little bags that said The Unexpected Everything that she gave out.


Here are a few of the signatures on my books:

And now a little moment of appreciation for the cover of the book! It is so fun and summer-y.

I have a pomeranian so that’s my favorite dog on the cover

If you have the chance to meet Morgan Matson, go. Even if you have to take an eight hour plane ride, just do it. Seriously, she’s the best.



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15 thoughts on “Meeting Morgan Matson!

  1. OH GOSH YOU’RE SO LUCKY AND I FEEL SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW. Morgan Matson writes the best summer books ever and now after reading this it seems like she is also really cool and nice! And you’ve got to meet that pug which is the cutest! AND YOU MET JENNY HAN, THAT’S LIKE MY DREAM (I LOVE HER SO MUCH) Haha, I’m really so happy for you! It seems like you and your friend had so much fun!

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