Highly Illogical Behavior Review


Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whitley


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Book Rating:☆☆☆.5 out of 5

Cover Rating: 9/10

Publish Date: Today! (May 10th)


I was super excited to receive an ARC from Penguin Teen @ NetGalley! Thanks guys!
“By most people’s standarads, Soloman was a pretty weird kid. There was the agoraphobic thing, sure, but there were other things, too. He had impossibly weird eating habits, refusing to eat anything green, without expection, and having a substantial fear of coconut.”
This book follows Solomon, a agoraphobic teenager who hasn’t been outside in three years.

Lisa is an aspiring psychology major who wants nothing more than to attend a prestigious psychology program, and she’ll do anything to get in. Anything, including befriending Solomon so she has a subject for her essay. She goes so far as to go to Soloman’s mom’s denist office and get an exam, just so she can ask about Soloman.
“‘One visit,’ [Soloman’s mom] said. ‘Let the poor girl come over for an afternoon and at least see if you like her. Either way, you get what you want. And what you might get is a friend to share that pool with.'”

As Solomon and Lisa become closer friends, she starts to invite her boyfriend over to hang out with them. Clark becomes closer to Solomon, and Lisa starts to feel left out, and makes some bad descisions.

I loved Solomon, but I hated Lisa for 90% of the book. I don’t understand how she could do that to Solomon, and I think she should’ve at least explained to his parents that she wanted to try to help him to help her get into a school. She’s selfish and doesn’t even take Solomon’s feelings into consideration until the end.

It was really interesting to read about someone with agoraphobia because I had never read about it before. I knew it existed, but Whitley presents an accurate viewing of what it’s really like for those who experience it. There are also LGBTQ+ storylines, which I thought was awesome because of the lack in YA lit. Yay for diverse books!!

Whitley has crafted a unique and unforgettable story, and I can’t wait to read more!



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