Summer of Sloane Review

Today is Tuesday, which means a new reivew! Summer of Sloane by Erin L. Schneider comes out May 3rd. Have any of you heard of this book/are interested in it? Let me know below.


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Cover Rating: 4/10, too stereotypical Hawaii with the flower and everything.

Book Rating: ★★★

“Taking a deep breath, and heeding my mom’s advice, I promise myself tonight is going to be the start of what is sure to be one wild and crazy sumer. Which means there will be no wallowing. There will be no letting others control how I feel. And there will definitely be no drama. None of that.

Becuase this time, it’s all about me. It’s all about the summer of Sloane.”

The book kicks off with Sloane talking to her best friend Mckinley, who admits she’s pregnant. Sloane is shocked, but supportive of her friend, until she finds out who the baby daddy is: her boyfriend of a year, Tyler. This best-friend-and-boyfriend trope is getting overused and unrealistic. If they were a real friend, they would not go and sleep with your boyfriend! This is never okay! I think the author was desperate to find something to make the book have more drama, and that’s why they used it.

“My best friend. My boyfriend. It dawns on me that within a matter of minutes I no longer have either. And now the two of them are going to have a baby. What the hell are they gonna do with a baby?”

After confronting Tyler and punching him in the face, her father sends her to stay with her mom in Hawaii for the summer. Sloane picks up her bags and leaves, hoping that this summer in Hawaii would help her escape. She names it the “Summer of Sloane” and decides to focus on herself and her healing, ignoring the millions texts coming in daily from Tyler and Mckinley.

This book had a lot about self discovery and forgiveness. I really liked the ending, and I’m glad that Sloane was happy. I thought she was a good main character, and I could relate to her. She’s hurt. The two people she thought she could trust in her life betrayed her, so I don’t blame her for shutting them out and taking some time to think before saying something she might regret.

I did not like Mckinley, she was extremely selfish. She claims that Sloane “abandoned her when she needed her the most,” without consider the effect her actions had on her. Tyler bothered me, too, because of how clingy he was and how he cheated on Sloane. The difference between Mckinley and Tyler is the way they chose to try to work things out with Sloane. Tyler treats her much better in the end and doesn’t blame her for ignoring his texts and calls.

I also liked Sloane’s friends from Hawaii. Mia was a really good friend to Sloane, even though Sloane did make a few mistakes and wasn’t always there for her. Finn was a good character and I was happy Sloane found someone new after Tyler.

What annoyed me the most about this book was how everyone jumps to conclusions. Sloane gets mad at Mia, thinking she cheated on her boyfriend Shep, when she didn’t. Sloane jumps to the conclusion and screams at her before she gets a chance to explain herself. Finn does this later to Sloane, but I don’t want to give away any big spoilers.

xx, Sophie

(I received a copy of this book from Disney Hyperion @ NetGalley in exchange for a review. All quotations are taken from an advanced reader’s copy and may or may not appear in the final production.)

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