Beware That Girl Review

For my final review of The Week of Reviews, I have chosen Beware That Girl by Teresa Toten. This book comes out on May 31st, so look out for it at your local bookstore. Thanks for the ARC, Random House Children’s!


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Book Rating: ★★

Cover Rating: 5/10, It looks like the usual teen-thriller cover.

“I did what I had to do to survive. Survival of the fittest, baby.”

For me, ya thrillers can either go two ways: they can be addicting, edge-of-your-seat or they can be unexciting and dry. Beware That Girl fell in category number two for me.

This story follows two girls: Kate and Olivia. Olivia is the it-girl. She’s got a rich daddy, she’s hot, and she’s smart. But something happened to her last year that got her stuck in a mental hospital. Now she’s damaged and is looking for something to heal her sorrow.
Enter Kate O’Brian.
Kate gets into the coveted Waverly school on a scholarship. This is not her first time getting into a school on a scholarship. She’s attending four other schools in the past but has left for mysterious reasons. Just like Olivia, Kate has a haunting and secret past. As soon as Kate sees Olivia in her English class, she knows that she’s her ticket to the top of the Waverly social latter.
The two girls befriend each other with the hopes of going to Yale together. Olivia needs Kate, she’s the sister she never had. 

From the beginning, it’s clear that something is off with Kate. She always says things to herself like “Nothing gets in my way.” and talks to herself in her head like this.

The whole story could’ve been better. For more than half the book I was pretty confused on what the plot actually was. It was very slow paced. Nothing big happens until the last quarter of the book and it ends in a plot twist that didn’t surprise me or have any effect on me.

The POVs in this book were weird. For Kate’s chapters it was first person but for Olivia’s it was in third. This turned out to be an important part of the book later, but it was kind of annoying because I generally prefer first person.

If you liked Damage Done or Twisted Fate then you might like this. They were pretty similar to me. But if your looking for an exciting thriller you should check out Girl Last Seen.



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