Defender Review

Today’s review is a short one. I recieved an arc of Defender by Grahm McNamee from Random House Children’s in exchange for an honest review. This weeks past reviews: The Art of SecretsShatter MeWild SwansLady Renegades, and The Darkest Corners.


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Cover Rating: 3/10, it goes with the book but it’s not my taste

Book Rating: ★.5 out of 5

This was an okay book, but it wasn’t anything special or new. I feel like I’ve read variations of this book before.
The main character is Tyne, “Tiny,” Greer, but she is anything but. She’s actually a 6 foot 6 basketball player, although she has an injury that has her sidelined. She lives in “the Zoo,” an appartment building that used to be notoriously known for bad things, but has cleared its name (a little) as time progressed. Tyne hoped her basketball skills would be their ticket out of the Zoo, but her injury has been a setback. Her dad is the superintendent of the building, so she decides to help him out over spring break. One day when she takes on the task of cleaning the basement, she finds a dead body hidden in the wall. Scared and confused, she tells her dad what she saw. He takes a look for himself, and claims that he saw nothing.
But Tyne knows her dad is lying, what she saw wasn’t in her imagination. What is he hiding?
The ending didn’t really surprise me and the characters barely developed. Tyne started off the beginning of the book the same as the ending. If the characters were better, I would’ve enjoyed this book a lot more.



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