Lady Renegades Review

Review number four of Week of Reviews is Lady Renegades by Rachel Hawkins. This was one of my most anticipated 2016 reads! Read this weeks past reviews: Shatter MeWild Swans and The Art of Secrets.


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Cover Rating: 7/10, I think it’s really cute and I love the color.

Book Rating: ★★★★

This review contains Rebel Belle and Miss Mayhem spoilers!!

“Most girls have to be talked out of texting an ex, and here I was using freaking magic to summon back a dude who had, for all intents and purposes, dumped me.”

The Rebel Belle series is one of my favorites and if you haven’t read it I really recommend it! Harper Price, southern belle, becomes a Paladin after she watches the janitor die in the girl’s bathroom during homecoming. These powers make her stronger, faster, and a fighter. But what’s the catch? Paladins are protectors of Oracles, people with ancient powers to foresee the possible future, and her oracle is none other than her enemy, David Stark. As David and Harper get closer, she realizes that she’s falling for him.

Miss Mayhem left off with David leaving town (and Harper *tears*) with the help of Bee and Ryan, and Lady Renegades picks up three months after. Just as Harper’s life was starting to return to normal, a teenage girl, who appears to be a Paladin, attacks Harper at the pool (where she is employed as a lifeguard) and says she was sent by David because he wants to kill Harper. Ever since David fled Pine Grove, Harper’s powers have been dwindling. Although she has Bee’s help, whose powers seem to be intact, she is no longer able to fully protect herself. And now that there are dozens teenage Paladins after Harper, her life is shot into a whole new kind of crazy. Harper enlists the help of Bee, Ryan, and that crazy witch girl Blythe to help her find David–and finally put this madness to an end.

This was such a fun and exciting story, just like all the Rebel Belle novels, but it definitley wasn’t my favorite. David was barely in the book until the end, and I was really missing out on David-Harper cuteness. It was a nice conclusion to the series, but I wish more happened. It was short, and most of it was just about them trying to figure out how to save David. The ending is predictable, but it left me happy and smiling.

I just really, really love David Stark.



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