Wild Swans Review

For my third review of Week of Reviews I chose Wild Swans by Jessica Spotswood. It hits the bookstore shelves May 3rd so look out! Read this weeks past reviews: Shatter Me and The Art of Secrets.


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Cover Rating: 7 out of 10. I love the font and picture, but Ivy is supposed to be a brunette…

Book Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜….5 out of 5

“Here in Cecil, girls are still expected to be nice. Quiet. All sugar. Maybe a little spice. But not us. We Millbourn women are a complicated lot. The Milbourn legacy goes back four generations.”

This was a really great book about a girl named Ivy and her self-discovery. Ivy is a Millbourn, a legacy that goes back four generations. They’re crazy, but genuises, and they all die young. Her great aunt, Dorothy, was a critically acclaimed poet. And then there’s her mother, who abadonned her with her grandfather when she was just a baby.
Ivy’s plans for the summer go out the window when her mom returns with two young girls. Her mother doesn’t want her younger daughters to find out Ivy is her daughter, too, so she pretends Ivy is their aunt.
I felt awful for Ivy for a number of reasons: her mother refuses to acknoledge her as her daughter and her grandfather has extremely high expectations for her. She’s dealing with who she wants to be vs. who she’s supposed to be, with the added weight of her mother’s mistreatment. The pressure she deals with is something many teens deal with today, so I think it’s a very relatable book.
One of my favorite parts of this book was the diversity. YA books are definitley lacking when it comes to this, so I was happily surprised to see the amount of feminism and LGBTQIA+ issues it deals with. There’s a bisexual character who works at a clinic that’s constantly protested by anti-abortion’ers (I do not believe “pro-life” is an appropriote term for people who want to take women’s heath rights away) and there’s a young transgender character, too.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I was really happy to have recieved an ARC. I totally recommend it for someone looking for a summer, coming-of-age novel.



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(I recieved an ARC from Sourcebooks Fire in exchange for a review. All quotations used in this review are from an ARC so they may or may not be in the final work.)


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