Behind the Blog: Followers

I’m back with another addition to Behind the Blog! Todays topic is followers and how to gain a following.

How many followers does your blog currently have?

I currently have 95 amazing followers. Love you guys!

How do you gain a following?

Always keep posting! Even if you don’t have a large following, the only way to get one is by posting and connecting with people. Like and comment on other people’s posts. Blogging is a commitment!

Remember: Blogging isn’t just about the number of followers you have. It’s about sharing your interests and connecting with people who also have those interests. Lastly, it’s about having fun 🙂

I’m currently reading It’s All Your Fault by Paul Rudnick and What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick. Do you guys want a review for either of them? Let me know below.

xx, Sophie

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