Behind The Blog: Photos

I’m starting a new blog series called Behind the Blog! Basically in this series I’ll be giving blogging tips and how I run my blog. Today I thought I’d talk about photos, because it’s an important part of running my blog. I’m going to do it in a Q&A format, because I think that makes it easy to read and it looks nice.

Do you take all of the photos you use?

All of the featured photos I take myself. These are the photos that show up on the home page. When I was first setting up my blog and the layout reminded me of instagram, so I knew I had to chose it. I don’t take the photos in the actual blog posts because usually it’s just the book cover and I’ll get it from Goodreads.

How often do you take pictures?

Usually every two weeks. I take a huge stack of books off my book shelf and haul them outside. There, I have a little book photoshoot! I think people have given me some strange looks when they drive by my house and see me taking pictures of book lined up on my steps. I love the way that the natural light looks good and it’s easy to make them look cohesive. Plus, the lighting in my room is horrible.

What filter do you use for your photos?

I use “the pastel lovers” from an app called Magic Hour. It’s a great app for pastel filters, I totally recommend it if you like that style.

How long does the total photo process take, from photoshoot to uploading?

Book photoshoots usually take me 10-15 minutes, then another 5 filtering them. It used to take me a lot longer uploading them to my computer because I had an extremely slow PC and I had to email them to myself to download. Now I have a Macbook Air so all I have to do is plug my phone into my computer (it’s saved me so much time).

Which are some of your favorite photos you’ve taken for your blog?



What do you guys think of this new series? Let me know in the comments!

xx, Sophie

11 thoughts on “Behind The Blog: Photos

  1. I love your photography, Sophie!! It’s so pretty! I think that it’s great that you take all your photos! I have to check Magic Hour out! It sounds great! I look forward to more of these posts: Behind The Blog!


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