You Were Here Review

Cover: Love

Overall Story: Disappointing

Published: March 1st, 2016

“Tears spotted in my eyes as I imagined my brother here. Right here.”

Jaycee Strangelove (yes, that’s her name) lost her older brother Jake last year. As a way to cope, she decides to complete all of his dares from his journal. Along the way, she reconnects with old friends. She goes back and forth between liking them and not liking them, especially Natalie, which was annoying. Just make up your mind already!

This book changes perspectives very often, too. I think it would’ve worked better if it was all in Jaycee’s point of view. I couldn’t connect to any characters because of the P.O.V switches. The only character I actually sort-of liked was Mik. Another problem with this book is the plot was not at all what was advertised. This is more a drama/romance than a story about urban exploring.

I’m actually really sad about how this turned out. I was hoping for so much more. This book didn’t work for me.

(I received a copy from Sourcebooks @ NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)

xx, Sophie

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