The Siren Review

The Siren by Kiera Cass

Star Rating: ★★★1/2

Cover: Pretty

Overall Thoughts: Cute

“‘I told myself it was just a crush. It all started and ended in ten days. How could that be anything close to love?'”

The Selection series is one of my favorites and I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this book ever since 2012. Although it did not nearly meet the same standards as The Selection, it was a cute, enjoyable read.

In this book, sirens do not lure fishermen to their death, they lure thousands and thousands people in of cruise ships to feed the Ocean. Kahlen, the main character, was aboard one of these ships but was chosen by the Ocean to become a new siren. Unlike the other sirens, Maika and Elizabeth, killing all these people has a mental effect on Kahlen. Then she meets Alkini in Miami. She knows how dangerous it is to get mixed up with humans because her voice will kill them, but she can’t stay away from him.

This was a love-at-first-sight book. If you don’t like “insta-love” stories, I wouldn’t recommend this book for you. The characters fall in love after just one date. Maybe becaue of Kahlen’s inexperience with boys that causes her to fall in love with Akinli so quickly, but it’s extremely unrealistic. Then again, so are sirens and a human-eating ocean.

“First, he was just so, so, so cute! Second, he sent me a picture! I had a picture of a boy that he took just for me, and it felt bigger than anything I’d experienced in the last century.”

It gets pretty cliché with the whole “he’s so tan and perfect, I could get lost in his blue eyes.” Some parts made my eyes almost roll out of my head.

Also, one line mentions a kazoo. I don’t know if any of you have seen this video, but if you have you’d understand why I had to post-it note this line:

“‘Someone said musical therapy, and I’ve never so much as touched a kazoo.'”

Have any of you read this or plan to read it? I think it’s a perfect book for the beach.

xx, Sophie



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