The 5th Wave: Book vs. Movie

Book vs. Movie: The 5th Wave


Star Rating: 3.5

I read this book last year, so I’m going to reread it soon. I loved the first 100-so pages, and then it just dropped. I couldn’t connect to the chapters in Ben/Zombie’s point of view, which was a big chunk of the middle. But, the beginning was so exciting that I couldn’t dnf it, so I kept reading. I was smart not to because the ending was really good. If it wasn’t for the middle, this would get five stars. The characters are really great in this book and I really liked the writing.


Star Rating: 2.5/3

Unlike during the book, I was never bored watching this. I really liked the actors, for the most part, and seeing the book come to life was really interesting. What the book had that the movie didn’t was this: the characters. You didn’t get to know any of the characters well except Cassie, Evan, and Ben.  You don’t learn why certain people have weird name (Teacup, Dumbo) at the military base, so I think that people who didn’t read the book were probably pretty confused. They also don’t have e

I think that casting was good, except I always imagined Evan with dark hair, not blonde. I really liked Chloe as Cassie and I think she did a good job portraying the character, the same with Ben.

The CGI was horrible, though. All the explosions looked really fake, the same with the “aliens on people’s brains.”


So the winner is the book! Did any of you read this book or see the movie? Share your thoughts below.

xx, Sophie


4 thoughts on “The 5th Wave: Book vs. Movie

  1. I’ve read the book and I felt the same way you did. It got boring REALLY quick toward the middle, but I stuck with it. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I would like to eventually! Good comparison!

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