Book & Makeup Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are something I’ve always wanted to try. I would love to get a box delivered to my house each month with books, bookish things, or makeup. But the problem for me is the price. Today we’re going to find out which boxes are the best, the cheapest, and the in between!

Book Boxes:

Owl Crate

Owl Crate is a super popular book subscription box that you’ve probably heard of if you’re a part of the bookish community. Each box contains 6 items: a book, a bookmark, and other various items like pencil pouches, erasers, or jewelry.

Price: $29.99 per month, or you can get the 3-month prepay for $86.98, or the 6-month prepay for $167.94

Shipping: To USA it was $6.99.

Overall Thoughts: The shipping price really turned me off but they have really good book selections. (See the past boxes here)

Uppercase Box

Uppercase is the other really popular book subscription box. They send a monthly book if you have the book exclusive plan (cheaper option) and include bookish items in the expert plan.

Price: $17 for the book exclusive plan and $23 for the

Shipping: $6 to USA, which means that if you’re getting the book exclusive plan it’s cheaper to just go to your local bookstore.

Overall Thoughts: It’s cheaper than Owl Crate, but they don’t send as much stuff so it’s better, in my opinion, to just buy a few books on Book Outlet instead.

The Best Damn Book Box

I found this book box because they do a lot of blogger promos and giveaways. They include 4-5 bookish items along with a book.

Price: $39.99 month to month

Shipping: To USA it was $18

Overall Thoughts: It’s A LOT more money then the other book boxes but you could probably get a good deal because of all the giveaways and discounts.


The YA Chronicles

Australian book lovers listen up! This book subscription box is from Australia, so it’s less expensive shipping-wise if you live in Australia. Each box includes one book, a bookmark, and 2-5 other book-related things.

Price: $29.99 per month

Shipping: International: $24.99 and AU/NZ is $9

Overall Thoughts: I wouldn’t subscribe because it’s too much to America. They send a ton of stuff in each box, though.

Makeup Boxes:

Birch Box

A friend of mine recommended this box to me. It includes 5 and up samples per month, that are customization to your preferences. If you review the samples, you can earn back your money and buy full sized products (50 points = $5)

Price: $10 a month, or $110 year-long

Shipping: FREE!!

Overall Thoughts: I am definitely going to sign up for this or IPSY (see below) soon.

Boxy Charm

This box contains a lot more full-sized items than Birch Box. Their January box includes a whole eye shadow palette.

Price: $21 per month

Shipping: Free!

Overall Thoughts: I think this is fairly priced because it comes with full sized products along with samples.


This brand was started by Youtube beauty-guru Michelle Phan. They send you five samples a month. It also comes with a specialized makeup bag per month.

Price: $10

Shipping: Free!

Overall Thoughts: This is pretty much the same as Birch Box.

Glossy Box

This box comes with 5 full-sized beauty products each month. If you’re looking for full-size items, this box is perfect for you!

Price: $21

Shipping: Free! (within the US)

Overall Thoughts: I think this is definitely the best deal for full size products (I’ve said that phrase like a million times oops)



If you want a lot of bookish stuff: Owl Crate

The cheapest: Uppercase Box

The most expensive (not counting shipping): The Best Damn Book Box


If you want the most items: Glossy Box

The cheapest: Birch Box or IPSY

The most expensive: Glossy Box or Boxy Charm

Are you subscribed to any boxes? If so, tell me below! If not, did this post help you figure out which ones might be good for you?

xx, Sophie

(Note: I have not bought any of these boxes, so my information about them is purely from their websites and reviews alone.)


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