Burning Midnight Review

Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh

Published: February 2nd, 2016

This book was so exciting! I never wanted to put it down. It follows Sully, a 17 year old boy who sells spheres and was scammed when he was thirteen and found a cherry red sphere.

You’re probably really confused.

The book is set in modern day, but with a twist. Spheres have been found all over the world. Spheres come in all different colors and each color sphere gives you a power, like better hearing or breathing under water. I really liked this concept so I was immediately drawn to this book.

Sully meets the mysterious Hunter one day while working. Eventually, the two become friends and go sphere-hunting together. When they find a never-before-seen sphere, it changes the world.

This book had so many shocking plot twists and had me excited page after page. It had an unsuspected ending and I would really love a sequel, but right now the author says it’s going to be a stand-alone.

I totally recommend this book to fans of Rick Yancey’s The Fifth Wave and to anyone looking for an intense sci-fi read.

xx, Sophie


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