Fake Penguin Teen Employee Catfish Reaction

If you guys haven’t heard of the catfish incident, an author named Christine Catlin pretended to be someone who worked at Penguin Teen and emailed tons of bloggers. She asked them if they would want to receive an ARC every month in exchange for a review. Many people believed her (she had an official Penguin Teen email address) and gave her very personal information, including home addresses (minors included.) She did all of this to try to get bloggers to review her novel “Spectacculo.” Read a full post by someone who was scammed by her here.

I think it’s disgusting that (a.) she would scam so many bloggers and betray their trust and (b.) that has the personal information of minors. I’m hoping there are some legal consequences for her actions, because what she did was clearly not okay. I can’t imagine how I would feel if she had my address or phone number.

She also put so much time into this… it’s crazy! Making a fake email, contacting so many blogs, making fake GoodReads accounts and rating her book 5 stars, all to make her book look good. There are smarter and safer (legal) ways to promote your new book than what she did.

My one main question is WHY?

Why was she so desperate that she resorted to scamming bloggers?

Share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear what you guys think.


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