If you liked this, try…


  1. If you liked Burn for Burn try Truth or Dare
  2. If you liked The Lying Game try All the Secrets we Keep
  3. If you liked The Beginning of Everything try Never Always Sometimes
  4. If you liked Before I Fall try Falling into Place
  5. If you liked Pretty Little Liars try Gone Too Far
  6. If you liked We Were Liars try Vanishing Girls or Twisted Fate
  7. If you liked Cinder try Dorothy Must Die
  8. If you liked Rebel Belle try May Queen Murders (coming out in April 2016 😦 sadly )
  9. If you liked Extraordinary Means try Say What You Will
  10. If you liked Vampire Academy try Hex Hall


Let me know what you think of this list, if you’ve read any of these books, or if you would add/change anything!

xx, S

new post tomorrow (FEMINIST FRIDAY yay)

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